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Loxion TV| Loxion Motorshow | 13th Anniversary

Born June 2008 and named Loxion Motorshow by the late Gugu Zulu. First to take professional motorshows and motorsports to townships. Loxion Motorshow has partnered with the greatest

minds in automotive who have groomed it to where it is today. Thirteen years and still going further; LMS looks back on victories, challenges, disappointments, failures, tragedies and evolution.
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Loxion TV| Harry Prethiven Naidoo| Gas Motorshow

The founder of Gas Magazine and Gas Motorshow. Who can forget the Cornubia mall Gas Motorshow.  It set new trends and has been one of the most talked about motorshows to date. Having brought USA

Murder Nova to SA, he is always pushing boundaries and venturing into unfamiliar territories.
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Loxion TV| Joey Govender| Joey G The Drift Entertainer

Joey G the entertainer is one of the most determined and talented professional drifters. He has broken through barriers of various challenges to keep his passion of drifting. He’s made many sacrifices

and with a smile, he is always ready to meet his followers at races. Travel with him far and near through his journey in motorsports.
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Loxion TV| Hendrick| African Craft Works Replicas

Coming from a humble background, Hendrick has again proven to us that you are not where you come from. He rose from the dusty streets of Hammanskraal to manufacture his own mobile vehicle,

train, aeroplane and ma.ny vehicle replicas. His skills are sought after far and near. With no formal education in automotive, he keeps surprising the sector.
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Loxion TV| Smanga Mabaso| Msinga Driftkhana

Founder of Msinga Driftkhana. A state of the arts spinning arena and adrenalin filled annual event. Msinga Driftkhana in its 9th leg, has seen each event being more spectacular than the previous.

The event has gathered the best of the best spinners, bikers and wowed the crowds with stunts of spinning around helicopters.
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Loxion TV| Karen Naidoo| Sexy Mum Drag Racer

Sexy mum is a female drag racer who knows no gender. Coming from a minority, conservative cultural background, Karen has proven to be a worthy competitor that gives both men and

women as run for their money. A caring mom, loving wife and supportive business partner, she has given a new meaning to multitasking.
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Loxion TV| Neville Looseman| Richards Day Hotrods Racing

Hotrods racer and co-manager of the Richards Bay Oval Track. Neville is highly experienced in motorsports with many years under his belt. He shares the wisdom

that he has collected over the years in the sector.
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Loxion TV| Reece Williamson| Ultra Auto

Driftkhana king, a father, husband, very successful businessman in the panel beating and vehicle customization sector. An MC and motorsports event

coordinatior. When he plays, he plays hard and when he works, he leaves no room for error. One of the most skilful motorsports entertainers and the best boss to work with.
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Loxion TV | JHB Parties| Rizo Khan

JHB Parties is based in Gauteng and promotes events at a number of high profile venues. Their car shows move around South African cities from time to time.

They have a team of young, creative and energetic support staff who are involved with the events from conception plus implementation stages. Under the leadership of Mr Rizo Khan, JHP Parties manages events, markets, promotes and does activations.
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